Booking an Appointment


What to expect...

A deposit of $10/appointment is required before securing your booking.  This deposit may only be transferred to a different day or time once after your appointment has been booked. Cancellations made within 48 hours are non-transferable and a new deposit must be paid to rebook. We cannot guarantee spots being held white waiting for payment, all appointments are booked on a first come basis. 

A confirmation text is sent upon booking your appointment and a reminder is sent the day before.  If you do not receive this please be sure to contact us immediately. There is a 30 minute window for arrival you will be notified once we are headed your way and our ETA. 

Set up takes place in either the kitchen/dining area or the master bath. If you are receiving makeup it is up to the artist to choose the location for best possible lighting. After your cut we just ask that a broom is handy and we will clean up the area as is was left, as if we were never there! 

How to prep...

Hair Appointments
All women should wash their hair as close to the arrival time scheduled ensuring your hair is still wet for the stylist. For men please have your hair clean and product free and no hats should we worn prior to avoid "hat hair". Kid's cuts should be prepped the same way. 

Makeup Appointments
Please have your face freshly washed and any previous makeup removed. Our artists have moisturizers in their kits to prep your face, but if you have any skin conditions or allergies be sure to let your artist know prior.

We accepts all forms of payment.

Not satisfied with your cut? We are more than happy to come back until you are completely satisfied with your service. We allow one week from the original appointment date to contact us and schedule a new appointment.